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Crusher! Data Compression Toolkits

Y2K Compliant
Cross-Platform Data Compression
The best high performance, cross-platform compression libraries for 32-bit Windows, 16-bit Windows, DOS, Macintosh, Unix, OS/2, and even embedded systems. FREE DEMO
Buy It
html++ Dynamic HTML Class Library
Quickly Build Dynamic Web Sites in C++

Develop dynamic CGI and ISAPI web pages using C++ objects. For the demanding web application, html++ offers maximum security and performance without the need for Perl or other scripting languages. Forget about start/end tags forever. FREE DEMO. Features include ISAPI integration, multipart mime decoding (HTTP file uploads), automatic encryption and decryption of hidden fields and URL-encoded data, session and state management, and more. Buy It
NetKit TCP/IP Class Library
Cross-Platform Implementations of HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and more

NetKit is a C++ class library, available for Windows, WindowsCE, and Unix (including AIX, BSDI, Solaris, and Linux), offering robust, cross-platform implementations of popular internet protocols. NetKit eliminates platform dependencies, allowing you to write internet clients and servers that run on a variety of systems.  Call for details.. Buy It
Search Engine Commando
Click for a FREE trial version of Search Engine Commando. The Fastest Way to Drive Traffic to your Web Site
Are you tired of tediously submitting your web site to search engines, tracking which pages get submitted to what search engine and when? Would you like to know how your site is ranked on ALL the top search engines in a single step?

Promote your business on the internet using search engines! Search Engine Commando's award-winning technology tracks your web site's position in nearly 500 of the world's top search engines while automatically managing submissions and resubmissions. Use Search Engine Commando and start watching the hits roll in!    Buy It

Page Analyst (COMING SOON)
Comparitive Keyword Density Analysis
Find out why and how the top-ranked web sites get there in the search engines. Page Analyst examines the structure of the top-ranked web sites and compares them to your own.

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