An interview with Holger Hoffman

You have been in this industry a long time, what got you started?

I had been working in hair and make up already for quit some time when I registered on a fair – one stand presented manual permanent makeup and I had to know more about this. After many failures, terrible training courses and useless products I finally got my stuff together that made me happy enough to offer the services to my clientels. In 1996 i won the international championship for permanent makeup and that is when my career as a teacher started as well.

What moment in your career are you most proud off?

I am most proud when I did understand the wishes and needs of each client and when I have used exactly these techniques to achieve 100% satisfaction.
This, and only this is my goal and my daily drug to keep going and improving.

How do you motivate yourself to keeping pushing forward in your career?
I don’t need to! That is what my clients and their appreciation do

You have developed many PMU products, which one you feel is your greatest success?
No question: coloressense pigments – they are are safe theiy look fabulous and they are easy to handle

Is there a product you have wanted to develop for a long time but haven’t been able to yet?
Absolutely! A safe and clean remover that is accepted by authorities would make our life more easy but all products on the market are not safe and non of them is proved to be injected inside the dermis

Tell us a bit more about the importance of high quality and safe pigments?
That is easy to answer:
You want to fall asleep with the security you did not do anything wrong to any of your clients – even if that means to miss out some comforts. Pigments will be found inside the lymphatic system and only when they are 100% safe they will do no harm now or in the future. I just cannot understand why some Pigmentisten think about compromises.

If you were a superhero or supervillain, who would you be?
The amazing Pigmento
Because he can turn the dull into delicious and kills the bad taste with love and instant beauty (babadiboo)

And lastly, who is most likely to become a priest or nun… Debbie or Jasper? 😊