An interview with Jenny Cader

Tell us a bit about your passion for Permanent Makeup?

After seeing a friend have their eyebrows done in 2005 I knew that was the career I wanted! I saved hard to invest in my first PMU course in 2010 and never looked back since, it ignited a true passion inside for me, to be able to create art while improving someone’s confidence was priceless and I wanted to be the best I could be.

Can you remember how long it took you to feel confident as a PMU Artist?

PMU is not easy when you just start out so I became obsessed with learning off other techs from around the world, attending conferences, networking and finding my own techniques within. I now feel truly grateful to wake up everyday and do something I love, while others love the results.

Tell us a bit more about the services you offer?

I offer all aspects of Permanent Makeup, Ombre and hair stroke Brows, Lips and eyes, along with aerola reconstruction and cleft lip. I also teach beginners and advanced courses at my Clinic in Hertford, I also have an online masterclass for my signature Lipblush technique – Velvet Lips.  I am also a Level 7 Aesthetics Practitioner now which i enjoy very much. This has given me the ability to help people have tweekments for confidence, this works well alongside my PMU to enhance with all treatments.

How did you find out about Goldeneye Micropigmentation?

I have always known about Goldeneye, although being in the PMU circle since day one really brought it to my attention more. Learning about the quality, safety, ethics of the company really drew me in, but most of all the quality and results of the products they manufacture. My permanent makeup game has definitely improved since I invested in some of their products.

What is signature treatment?

My signature treatment is definitely Lips, I love the colour theory behind it all and they way that you can create a lipstick look or a subtle tint which suits everyone.

Tell us a bit more about winning Time to Shine contest last year and how it helped your career?

Winning Time To Shine was amazing! I was so happy, it was the first competition that i had properly entered and boy was it intense. It went on for quite a while but I loved the fact that we had no idea what we were doing until 5 minutes before we saw the client, I tend to thrive from the pressure, although I am quite a chilled person, I think that helped push me. It has been a great time in my career as it was a long time coming after doing PMU for 12 years, it’s really nice to be recognized for your talent and it is great for my clients to see how passionate and dedicated I am to it.


Who is your hero in the industry and why?

Who is my hero in the industry… ummm this is a hard one. There are so many amazing and talented artists that I follow and some I can really relate to at times, with similar background stories to myself, starting with nothing, saving up all you have to take a gamble in a career, to then become very successful and driven from passion alone. I think Tess Marti has got to be up there, her dedication and talent to PMU shines through, I have never met her but I have taken a few of her courses online, she leaves nothing out and is so in depth with her knowledge. She is always encouraging and helping others, seems like such a selfless person which I love. She has become very successful from her natural talent, and pushed the boundaries of dark lips, enabling others to not be scared of this treatment. Plus I’ve always admired her clinic room in Canada which has the most amazing views haha!

And lastly, who is most likely to get arrested and what for… Debbie or Jasper? 😊

Debbie is definitely the one who is more likely to get arrested while away on a girls weekend, they tied up the security men and proceeded to go skinny dipping in a closed hotel rooftop pool at midnight, all singing loudly, spraying champagne, and waking people up.

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