Brow lamination VS Semi permanent makeup

In this article we’re going to look at the differences between brow lamination and semi-permanent makeup to help you choose the right treatment for you.

What is brow lamination? 

Brow lamination is one of the latest eyebrow trends that is taking the west by storm. The trend originated in Russia which was created with the promise to produce a look of fuller and sleeker brows. Brow lamination involves the use of a chemical perming solution to lift and straighten the hairs into a more permanent position. The therapist will place the hairs into the desired shape, cover any gaps and stray areas, they are then fixed into place using the fixing solution. A brow tint can also be used to create a fuller more defined finish. The treatment is perfect for overplucked, thinning and sparse brows. 

What is semi-permanent makeup? 

Semi-permanent makeup has been around for many years with ever evolving up to date techniques. It is also known as micropigmentation is a technique used to implant pigment into the dermal layer of the skin using a digital machine. There are many different techniques used to create natural eyebrows, such as mimicking the look of induvial hair strokes or a pixelating technique to create a mist of colour behind the brow hair for a fuller looking brow. This treatment is perfect for overplucked, thinning sparse brows, alopecia sufferers, clients with hair loss due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions or for people who have a full brow how want a more defined finished look to their brows.

How long does it last? 

Brow lamination lasts up to six weeks and then the treatment will need to be performed all over again. Each treatment takes 30- 45 minutes to perform 

Semi-Permanent Makeup is performed in two treatments, the initial session and then a top up is needed 4-6 weeks later. The pigment and techniques used means that the results are semi-permanent, the pigment will never fully fade or leave the skin, however the pigment will fade. We recommend annual top ups once a year to keep up with the colour fading. 

How much does it cost? 

Brow lamination costs between £45- £100 every 6 weeks (£400- £900 per year) 

Semi-permanent makeup costs between £300- £450 then an annual top up is approximately £150 depending on the individual case.

Choosing the right treatment for you 

There are many factors to consider when choosing between Semi-permanent makeup and brow lamination. Here we will discuss the comparisons between the both 

Results– The results of both treatments are very similar. Both are designed to create fuller looking brows, great for sparse over plucked brows. However, brow lamination only works for clients who already have existing and somewhat full hair. Semi-permanent makeup is perfect for clients who don’t have any existing hair from overplucking or medical conditions that cause the brow hair to fall out.  

Cost– The cost of the initial treatments varies significantly, however due to the frequency needed for brow lamination the cost annually is significantly higher than semi-permanent makeup. On average brow lamination costs £56 per month. Semi-permanent makeup on average costs £31 per month for the first year and £12 per month thereafter.  

Maintenance– Maintenance for both treatments also varies significantly. With brow lamination maintenance being every 6 weeks, the upkeep is considered quite high. The benefit of semi-permanent makeup is that once the initial treatment is fully healed the upkeep is very minimal to just one treatment once a year  

Aftercare– The aftercare of brow lamination once the procedure is finished is very minimal, all that is asked is to keep the area dry for just 24 hours following treatment. Semi-permanent makeup has a more in-depth aftercare protocol for 2 weeks following treatment including keeping the area dry, no exercise, no sun or sunbeds 

Downtime– There is no downtime and no healing procedure for brow lamination. Clients will see the final results upon leaving the salon and these results stay the same throughout the 6 weeks until the following treatment if desired. Semi-permanent makeup has a longer healing time and takes 4 weeks to see the final results of the treatment. 

Brow lamination is perfect for clients who already have pre existing hair that may be sparse in certain areas and are wanting to achieve a fuller looking result, however for clients who have virtually no hair, very sparse hair or no hair whatsoever then semi-permanent makeup is the only choice for them. . For clients who can’t afford or justify the initial outlay of semi-permanent eyebrows then brow lamination is a lower cost initial outlay without the need to save, however brow lamination does work out to be the more costly option overall on an average monthly basis. For clients who require instant results without downtime and low maintenance aftercare then brow lamination would be more suitable for them. Brow lamination treatments are perfect for clients who are not looking for a permanent solution to their brow needs or for people who are unsure if they would like semi-permanent makeup as this gives the clients to see similar results on a less permanent basis  

Semi-permanent makeup is perfect for clients who require a very low maintenance treatment with just one visit to a salon once a year as a pose to going for treatments every 6 weeks. It is the only solution for clients with very little pre-existing hair, alopecia or hair loss from chemotherapy or other medical conditions. The average monthly cost of semi-permanent makeup is far more appealing than brow lamination. For clients who are looking for a more permanent, low maintenance, cost friendly treatment then semi-permanent makeup is the right choice for you  

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