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Oncology & Micropigmentation

Rejuvenation of the Brows and Eyes after cancer diagnosis. The diagnosis of cancer is enough to shatter anyone’s world and can be a huge shock to the system upon hearing those words. One of the things cancer patients feel they need the most is normalcy! In a world where you feel is now upside down […]

How long does semi-permanent makeup take to heal?

The aftercare provided is a general guide for all clients, however the healing process is unique to each individual client Upon completion of every procedure, full and thorough aftercare advice is given to ensure all treatments are fully looked after to achieve the best healed result. You can return to all normal activities straight after […]

What is semi-permanent makeup? And what are the advantages?

Micropigmentation is known in the beauty industry as Semi Permanent Makeup or cosmetic tattooing. The procedure entails implanting medical grade pigment in the upper dermal layers of the skin using a micro needle. It is a safe and effective way to enhance and symmetrise features for natural looking everyday results Is this treatment suitable for […]

What are the different eyeliner treatments?

With semi permanent makeup we can create many different styles of eyeliner, below we explain the most popular techniques. Lash Enhancement- Lash enhancement eyeliner is used to create subtle definition to the eyes without the need for wearing any mascara. Pigment is applied in between the rows of eyelashes which creates the look of thicker […]