Eyebrows and their influence

Balance, Harmony and Beauty!

Have you ever thought about the great aesthetic importance of eyebrows? How can two lines of hair be so decisive in the influence on expression, look and harmony of the face?

They are the framework of our eyes, provide expression to the face depending on their shape and colour, therefore it is important to know what we can do with our eyebrows.

Shape, colour and appearance of the eyebrows have undergone many changes throughout history. Eyebrows have been fine, very fine, straight, arched, outlined black, long, short…. Many different ways depending on the fashion at the time, but they have always maintained their aesthetic importance.

This is because thick, thin; rounded or angular; placed or misplaced, they are decisive in highlighting the look and provide great harmony and beauty to the face.

Image professionals (makeup artists, micropigmentation technicians, image advisors) know that well designed and beautiful eyebrows can create a deeper and more attractive over all look, even pretty eyes can lose their appeal with badly plucked eyebrows.

In these days eyebrows the current eyebrows fashion has taken on the form that eyebrows should be able to favour every type of face shape.

Presently many important people inside the world of fashion, movies, television etc look for professionals specializing in the aesthetic care of the eyebrows as they do with their skin and hair.


The eyebrows are located above the eyes and are formed by short hairs that follow a horizontal, ascending or descending direction.

They have three important functions:


One of their important functions are to help, along with the eyelids, to protect the eyes from environmental particles and divert the drops of sweat that can slide across their forehead, also sweat contains substances that can irritate the eyes.


As we all know the face is the main system used to express emotions. There are six main emotions:







The three regions of the face to express these emotions are: forehead and eyebrows; forehead and eyelids; and mouth.

Triangle of influence

Eyes are the elements of the face that have a greater role in communication, therefore the eyebrows, as part of the eyes, are likewise a very significant part of the face that allow us to express emotions and feelings such as

Fully elevated= disbelief

Medium high= surprise

Medium ruffled= confusion

Fully gathered= angered


The aesthetics functions of the eyebrows are essential. We can consider them as a compliment to beauty that possesses an important aesthetic function, providing the faces expression and character, although nature does not always give people the right measurement and proportion that is needed for every face shape.

The great advantage is that both their form and colour can be modified to help optically modify the face shape, distance and size of the eyes and nose length.

Depending on the form that we give to our eyebrows we can get different results:

  • Illuminate and enhance the look.
  • Enhance the beauty of your eyes, making them larger and more expressive.
  • Balance the features
  • Provide symmetry to the face
  • Add youth
  • Soften or harden the expression
  • Make the face more sophisticated or more natural

Also eyebrows that are neglected or have incorrect form can subtract expression and an attractive face.

The eyebrows should be arranged according to its features and our face shape, never according to fashion of the moment, especially if they are fine because the hairs can then not grow back.


A face without eyebrows would be so unexpressive and unattractive as we can see in these images below.

To identify the most appropriate corrections to suit each type of face shape you must be aware of the methods of conducting study in their natural form, their relationship with the face and with other elements such as the eyes and nose, as well as the aesthetic techniques that can be applied to improve them.

Here is some information that may help you

The eyebrow is more or less arched upward and is composed of three parts where the thickness is different.

  • The start of the eyebrow is the thickest part
  • The point of the arch is a little thinner
  • The end of the eyebrow is the thinnest part


  • It must be shaped like a comma
  • The hair is smooth, short and distributed in a uniform manner
  • The eye colour should harmonize with the natural colour of the hair, if they are much darker the harden the expression, if they are lighter they reduce facial expression
  • They are placed at the base of the forehead, above the eyes, beginning at either side of the bridge of the nose, approximately above the tear duct
  • The arch of the eyebrow is located approximately on the outside of the iris.
  • The end of the eyebrow is calculated by drawing a line from the wing of the nose, passing the corner of your eye.
  • The thicker part of the eyebrow should measure 5mm and the thinner part should measure between 1-2 mm

This is the eyebrow that is considered as an ideal but should only serve as reference to study shape and appropriate corrections. Do not be discouraged if your eyebrows do not have all these characteristics, because at the moment there are all sorts of solutions to achieve your ideal eyebrows.

As we know the purpose of the correction of the eyebrows is to give them a more adequate look to highlight the eyes expressions or provide greater harmony to the face.

The corrections of the eyebrows are limited by their own characteristics and their relationship with the other elements of the face. The techniques used for corrections should tend to move closer to the ideal form, and above all, to provide a more attractive and balanced overall look.

The eyebrows are usually modified or corrected mainly for two reasons:

  • Fashion- because trends change every season offering different styles of eyebrows: thinner or thicker
  • Facial features- these may necessitate the modification or correction to their natural state

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