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Holger Hoffmann, René La Fontaine and Gabriela La Fontaine, a trio solidly united in passion, vision, and dedication, are the original founding members of Goldeneye. Debbie Clifford and Jasper Scholtes (DC Micropigmentation) became international distributors of Goldeneye in 2013 and have been actively involved in mainly the English-speaking market.

Permanent make-up or micropigmentation is an art that requires a perfect, artistic eye as well as a highly modern technique and a great talent. Only a few in the world can count themselves among the top elite of pigmentists, to whom René La Fontaine, Holger Hoffmann and Debbie Clifford undoubtedly belong.

Holger Hoffmann and Debbie Clifford have established themselves as product development experts through many years of experience as advanced Micropigmentation Trainers. For many years, all Goldeneye trainers at home and abroad have been working with unbroken dedication to teach their protégés the love of their profession with perfection. Whereas René (CEO) and Jasper focus on business development and international relations.

Holger Hoffman & René La Fontaine
Jasper Scholtes & Debbie Clifford

For more than 20 years Goldeneye has stood for for the highest quality standards for pigments, high technology Made in Germany as well as modern and demanding training courses at the highest level, in which Goldeneye creates perfection from talent. Their goal is not only to meet the highest artistic demands, but also to meet all hygiene standards. This is how Goldeneye became a pioneer in hygiene and product certification. Our customer relationship is based on quality, partnership, and support, not on obligations and contracts.

Together with Goldeneye!

Goldeneye has been actively involved in environmental, human, and animal issues for many years. As a company, we have an indispensable responsibility to support the needs of our planet and its inhabitants and treat them sustainably. Our social engagements are diverse: in terms of animals, we support various projects, such as the PETA Vanguard Society, which opposes the misuse of animals, the NABU Nature Conservation Association, for the preservation of biodiversity on the Lower Rhine, we support Pro Wildlife’s and WDSF’s work with monkeys and dolphins, furthermore we help the animal protection project Lavida with food and medication donations to enable dogs and cats from Spain to live better lives.

We also make our contribution to the projects Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke, the Children’s Cancer Aid, the organization Off Road Kids, as well as through collection of donated items, clothing, money and medicines for the Samarpan Foundation in India. Sustainability and responsibility naturally start in your own company. That is why we completely abstain from animal experiments when developing our products. All printed material is produced saving on CO².

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