Do you have a tattoo that you hate? Eyebrows tattooed that you no longer love? Here at DC Micro we can help you! At our clinic in Cottingley, West Yorkshire we offer laser tattoo removal using the safest of laser machines to get rid of those unwanted tattoos

We are a highly reputable micropigmentation clinic and training centre who pride ourselves in offering our clients the very best in every service that we provide. Due to the nature of our business, we recognised the need to offer laser tattoo removal to our clients due to the amount a high influx of clients who require correction work to their previously semi-permanent makeup or micro bladed eyebrows. To be able to offer the best corrective services sometimes removal will be needed first, this will help achieve the best results.

Our in-house technicians are highly qualified specialists within the micropigmentation industry including level 5 laser tattoo removal technicians. We use the highest quality Nd:YAG laser removal system, one of the most advanced and safest type of laser technology, ensuring the safest practice on all skin types Fitzpatrick 1- 6

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Level 5 Qualified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist

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Advanced Micropigmentation Specialist

Advanced Skin Theory Qualified

Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Qualified

Level 6 – BA Hons Degree in Advanced Beauty Practices

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The consultation


At your free consultation we will:

Assess your tattoo and advise on treatment sessions

Complete a medical history form and consent form

Determine your skin type

Explain how the tattoo removal process works

Explain what to expect during and after treatment

Explain the aftercare procedure

Perform a patch test to establish the best laser settings for the most effective and safest way of removing your tattoo

Answer any questions or concerns you may have


When a tattoo is performed, ink is implanted within the dermal layer of the skin. Tattoo ink particles are large in size, therefore the body’s natural defence system can’t break them down and they are permanently left in skin. To remove the unwanted tattoo ink we need to use a system that can help break down the tattoo ink into smaller particles for the body to remove through its natural waste disposal system. This is where laser tattoo removal comes into play.



The laser from the Nd:YAG machine is used to pass through the skin to enter the dermal layer where the tattoo ink is implanted, without causing damage to the surrounding tissue of the tattoo.

The laser works by creating a shock wave of heat and light that targets the tattoo ink causing it to shatter into smaller ink particles, making it easier for the immune system to remove them and causing the tattoo to fade. It may take a few sessions to completely remove the tattoo, an estimation of sessions will be discussed with you at your free consultation.




Before any laser tattoo removal treatment we ensure that all clients have a free consultation with one of our technicians. At the consultation we will assess the tattoo you require removing and advise how many sessions you are likely need. The following factors will be considered to assess the number of sessions you will need:

  • Type of tattoo (amateur or professional)
  • Pigment colours (brighter colours are harder to remove)
  • Density of pigment
  • Location on the body
  • Eyebrow removal needs fewer sessions

We offer discounted prices on treatment courses that are booked and paid for before the first session takes place.


Every person’s pain threshold is slightly different; therefore, all people will experience pain in a different way. Laser tattoo removal feels like an elastic band being pinged against the skin, an uncomfortable feeling but certainly tolerable.

Here at DC Micropigmentation we like our clients to feel at ease, we play relaxing music in the treatment room or you’re welcome to bring some headphones and play your own music, this can help distract you from the pain and get you through your treatment. Some areas may be more sensitive than others (bony areas). Pain tends to decrease in subsequent sessions due to the density of the pigment that has faded.


We will explain the full healing process and what to expect at your first consultation before any treatment has taken place. Straight after your treatment you should expect to see slight redness, some swelling and a small amount of blood spotting. We will provide all aftercare instructions on how to look after the treated area on leaving the clinic.



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