Learn how to study your eyebrows

As the poets say the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, but we also know that they are the elements of the face, which attract more attention, more feelings and express emotions. The eyebrows create the faces framework, hence the great importance that they possess.

The great advantage is that they are elements of the face that allow modifications, you can change their colour, shape and thickness therefore the design is important.

Before you begin the study we should bear in mind that according to the design that we give our eyebrows we get different results:

  • To illuminate and enhance the look.
  • To enhance the beauty of your eyes, making them larger and more expressive.
  • To balance the features
  • To provide facial symmetry
  • To add youth
  • To smooth or harden and expression
  • To create a sophisticated, more natural look


Usually the eyebrows do not present the appropriate form in a natural way, so that in most cases they are modified to have the correct measures, lines, colour and thickness appropriate to each type of face and eyes.

The shape of the eyebrows optically modifies the oval, the distance and size of the eyes, and the lengths and width of the nose. The correction of the form must be calculated to the millimeter, because the balance of the face and harmony largely depends on them.

For the study of the naturally presenting eyebrows it’s important to know the features of the face and their elements in order to identify the most appropriate corrections for each case.

Both our bodies and faces are geometric, therefore to study the face we classify by associating it with similar geometric figures of different face shapes: ova;, round, square, oblong, rectangular, triangular and hexagonal.

Here it is important to do an observation, remember that its difficult to find pure ovals, therefore you must identify the broad lines and look especially in the wide or narrow areas, to match them with the direction and length of the eyebrows. Remember that the oval shape is the best to identify against others.

In my previous post I explained the eyebrow is a line more or less arched upwards that is composed of three parts where the thickness is different.

  1. The origin is the thickest part
  2. The height point, high or medium is slightly thinner
  3. The end is the thin part

The following aspects need to be considered in the study


Colour can either be light, medium or dark,

Eyebrow colour influences the expression of the face by softening or hardening it.

Key points to consider when choosing eyebrow colour:

  • The colour of the eyebrows should harmonize the colour of the hair.
  • If the hair is light, the eyebrow colour should be a tone darker than the hair.
  • Dark eyebrows optically look wider, therefore the colour should be set before tweezing them.
  • The colour of the eyebrows can be modified by

-Lightening them

-Dying them

-Intensifying them with eyebrow pencil and shadow


According to your line the eyebrows can be basically horizontal, ascending, descending and rounded among others.

Lines mainly effect the oval of the eyes, optically changing its form.

Key points to consider when choosing the line:

  • Oval- soft and balanced lines supports any type of form, in this case its better to take into account the shape of the eye to decide the line.
  • Round oval- eyebrows should be short and ascending to balance its width and lengthen it slightly
  • Square- short and soft to subtract width and to soften the eyebrows expression
  • Elongated oval- long eyebrows to lengthen the width horizontally
  • Ovals triangular/ hexagonal- long eyebrows to widen the top and provide balance to the lower face
  • Triangular invested- short eyebrows to narrow the above area


The length of the eyebrows can either be long or short

The length mainly influences optical modification of the face, especially at the top, making it wider or narrower.

Tips for choosing the length:

  • If your face shape is oval the length should be balanced.
  • Short eyebrows will optically narrow the upper face; therefore will suit broad faces, although they cannot be used on triangular or hexagonal faces, as their tops are wider.
  • Long eyebrows will optically widen the area above, I recommend them if you have a narrow or triangular face.


The thickness of the eyebrow can either be thick or thin

The thickness mainly influences the eyes and facial expressions

Tips for choosing the thickness:

  • If your eyes are small or sunken, the brow should not be very thick.
  • If your eyes are large, the eyebrow maybe thicker.
  • Very thin eyebrows are more sophisticated, but also ‘add years’.
  • Very thick eyebrows harden the expression.


The distance between the eye and the eyebrow can be close or separated.

The height of the brow mainly influences the look.

For a natural balance they say the distance from the eyebrow to the lash line should measure the same as the eyes iris or a little more.

If the eyebrows are very close to the eyes it is necessary to depilate the lower hairs and try to raise the eyebrow as much as possible.

If the eyebrows are far away from the eyes it is only necessary to lightly depilate the hairs and if necessary depilate the top part of the eyebrow.


We must take into account two aspects

1. If the nose is broad or narrow

  • If the nose is broad it is not necessary to separate the eyebrows too much
  • If the nose is narrow it is also not necessary to separate the eyebrows too much

2. If the nose is long or short

  • If the nose is long it is necessary to slightly separate the eyebrows
  • If the nose is short it is necessary to slightly raise the eyebrows

Golden rules

Eyebrows are elements that support more changes, such as changes in colour, thickness, direction etc.

Amendments must be able to adapt to the characteristics of the face and its features.

Eyebrow permanent makeup should never follow fashion; you must select eyebrows most conducive to your eyes, face shape and style. The eyebrows are the most important expression lines of the face.