Permanent makeup eyebrow after care

The following should be observed for the next 14 days after your permanent makeup treatment

Makeup should be kept to a minimum

  • Makeup applied on top of a newly treated area during healing time will distort the colour of the pigment implanted
  • do not apply foundation, powder or pencil to eyebrows
  • eyeshadow can be placed above the implanted line, being careful to not disturb the treatment area. Mascara should be avoided where possible, however if necessary, it should only be applied to the end of the lashes only
  • do not apply lipstick, lip stains or balms to lips

No soaps or cleansers

They are designed to clean the pores and remove foreign substances, therefore will remove implanted pigment during the healing process. For the first 24-48 hours only cool sterile or aired water applied to a clean cotton pad can be used to gently clean the area

Avoid steaming showers, baths, saunas or hot tubs

This will open the pores and allow the colour to lift

Avoid sunlight and sunbeds

Exposure to sunlight and high U.V will result in colour loss and fading. Wear sunglasses in the sun and avoid sunbeds

Avoid excessive exercising

This will make you perspire. Perspiration contains salt, salt can force out the colour

Avoid chlorine water

Chlorine treated water will result in loss of colour

Apply SOS cream

Apply cream immediately after the procedure, in the evening and moving for the first 2 days. Use as directed by the technician. Stop use and remove if a burning sensation follows application

After 2 weeks, the colour remaining is permanent

Resume your normal cleansing and care routine