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Micropigmentation (permanent makeup) is a procedure in order to modify, correct, beautify or rebalance certain facial or body feautures.Permanent Makeup has long been one of the beauty industries best kept secrets, now the secret is out, it is fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments of today. More and more women, and indeed men, are opting for natural enhancements with micropigmentation which allows them to look more attractive and polished, with little or no effort, every day of the year.

This depends on many variables such as techniques used, type of skin, age, pigments used etcetera. On average permanent makeup will last anywhere between 6 – 24 months. In order to maintain a fresh look we advise clients to book a colour-boost appoinment after 12 months at a special reduced rate.

That’s easy, it is a procedure that can raise your self esteem and self confidence and make a remarkable difference to your life! It will enhance your own natural beauty and rejuvenate your looks saving you time and effort on a daily basis!

This treatment can correct any natural imbalances or symmetries and harmonize your facial features.

Each procedure will take about two hours in total. Prior to the treatment you will have a consultation at which time the shape and colour are discussed and then drawn on. This part is never rushed, it is imperative that you are happy before the commencement of treatment, then just sit back and relax!

Touch-up appointments or simple procedures can sometimes be completed within the hour.

Starting with dozens of basic pigment colours, virtually any shade can be mixed by Debbie to complement your own hair colour or skin tone. Debbie Clifford will advise you as best she can. Each individual retains a different amount of colour, the final result, if not perfect, can be adjusted with a free ‘touch-up’ appointment within 3 months after the initial treatment.

Debbie is highly skilled in colour-theory and pigmentology. She hosts master classes on this subject for other professionals in the industry.

As every individual is different the levels of discomfort will vary. Keep in mind that it is an invasive treatment, in which we introduce pigment into the skin. In order to minimise any sensation we use soothing creams. It is less uncomfortable than a normal tattoo since we work much more superficial in the skin. Our technicians are trained to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you.

The aim of this treatment is to create a natural looking features and therefore the final healed results are not obvious at all.

Directly after the treatment the result will be darker than the final result. After a few days the scabbing process will start and the colour starts to fade. After this the pigment will start to settle in the skin and will fade about 30-40% in total within approximately 30 days.

On the consultation you will be asked about your medical details where this will be checked against any know contraindications related to Micropigmentation. If these are not present, you have not had any allergic reactions in the past and the pre- and post-care instructions are followed there are no risks to your health.

We use very advanced products, they are in full compliance with European legislation and local council guidelines. Needles and pigments are sterilized and single use. We will always adhere to strict hygiene protocal in order to deliver 100% safety to the client and ourselves.

The immune system will remove most of the pigment particles by itself over time. But this removal is not uniform in colour or location. The colour will slowly fade until it is completely eliminated. This can take between 2 and 5 years.Permanent makeup can also be removed with special laser equipment. If you have had permanent makeup and want it removed or corrected but are not sure where to go please get in touch with us and we can refer you to a trained and certified laser professional in your area.

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