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Learn new or advance your micropigmentation techniques to take your skills to the next level

Here at DC Micro we are delighted to offer expert skill days to micropigmentation technicians from all over the world, with over 12 years-experience in the industry you’re guaranteed to be learning from a highly knowledgeable team. In the ever evolving world of micropigmentation it is so important to keep up to the latest techniques and treatments to ensure you’re delivering the best services to your clients and creating the perfect healed results. Training with us ensures you have a full day of intense hands on training, learning new techniques, creating new knowledge and gaining insider knowledge of a few of the industries secrets and tips along the way!

Who can attend a skill day?

Skill days are a maximum of 10 students and is available for any qualified level of technician, from beginner right through to advanced elite technicians. Looking for one to one and more personalized training? Why not book on one of our VIP masterclasses and raise your game even further!



  • A small presentation or demo on specific techniques
  • Pigment and colour selection
  • Equipment and needle selection
  • Study
  • Practice
  • Observation
  • Aftercare
  • Trouble shooting
  • Exclusive access to a support group with head trainer

Skill days we offer


We offer a collection of different skill days for you to choose from. Check our calendar when the next scheduled skill day is hosted.

Powder & Ombre Brows

Achieve a statement powder brow with the latest techniques in the industry. Ombre brows have slowly taken over the industry lately due to new techniques of superficially layering and pixelating techniques.

£300 (incl. VAT)

Hair stroke and combo brows

Achieve the perfect hairstroke eyebrow or add a little shading to create something with that little bit more. Hair strokes will always be the classic ‘go to’ natural eyebrow.

£300 (incl. VAT)

Brow corrections

One of the most basic fundamentals; although sometimes the hardest to master, for micropigmentation technicians is understanding colour theory and color correction.

£300 (incl. VAT)

3D Candy Lips

Achieve that perfectly defined lip with an added hint of seamless colour blend and volume. This treatment is a perfect way to offer a ‘lipstick’ look for your clients with the added benefit of the illusion of bigger lips.

£300 (incl. VAT)

Color Wash Lips

The aim of this treatment is to create borderless lips with just a subtle hint of colour. The treatment is suitable for any age client due to its super natural results and can be carried by any woman.

£300 (incl. VAT)

Anti-aging volumising lips

Anti-aging volumising techniques create the illusion of volume and definition, drawing the eyes away from signs of aging such as wrinkles around the mouth by the use of highlighting techniques.

£300 (incl. VAT)

Classic Eyeliner

The timeless classic, the one you can carry all day, all year round, regardless of your lifestyle- The Classic Eyeliner. Perfect for any age client, the absolute must have and go to eyeliner.

£300 (incl. VAT)

Latino Eyeliner

The Latino liner- Perfect for the woman who want those perfect wings all day long! A more structured and defined eyeliner, suitable for clients with desire for a more ‘made up’ makeup look.

£300 (incl. VAT)

Shaded Eyeliner

The classic or Latino eyeliner with just that added extra for that something a little bit more! Master the latest techniques in the industry and offer your client something they’ve never seen before.

£300 (incl. VAT)

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