Semi permanent makeup- how long does it last?

Semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup, microblading and micropigmentation are all words to describe the same treatment, implanting pigment into the skin.

How long pigments last within the skin are determined on the depth the pigment that is implanted, and the type of pigment used. Medical conditions, medications, skin type i.e. oily, dry, scarred etc, smoking, sun and lifestyle can all be factors that can affect the longevity. The darker the pigment colour usually means the longer it will last in the skin.

It is impossible to determine exactly how long the pigment will last in the skin; maintenance sessions are required more often for clients who require a lighter pigment.

Black eyeliner for example may never completely be eliminated from the skin however maintenance sessions will still be required. Too many maintenance sessions may cause over saturation of pigment within the skin and over time hair strokes brows may blue into a powder result, similar in comparison to small script tattoos which over the years may become illegible.