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Men and women worldwide are using scalp micropigmentation to feel happier and more confident in their appearance. For general thinning and localised patches, and even total hair loss, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a highly effective solution with guaranteed, instantaneous results. Hair loss affects people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and has many causes. The scalp micropigmentation process is individually tailored to each client to achieve the most natural and aesthetically flawless results. For men who are unsettled by the loss of their hair, SMP provides the ideal solution by restoring their more youthful appearance, even for those who are completely bald. For clients who still have some hair remaining, it may be an option to keep the hair at a longer length and use our micropigmentation process to add the appearance of fuller density.

scalp micropigmentation


Scalp micropigmentation also provides an effective camouflage for hair transplant scars and conditions such as alopecia.

For women experiencing thinning hair, SMP is often used to conceal hair loss by reducing the contrast between the hair and the skin, replacing the appearance of full hair density.

For those looking for a low maintenance and cost-effective answer to thinning hair or even total hair loss, scalp micropigmentation is one of the most popular solutions available.



When the client does not have sufficient coverage of hair,

in any area, the best option is the Shaved Look.

In order to get the best results we advise the client

to shave the hair to a lengt of maximum 1mm.



Those clients with hair loss between

Level 1 and Level 3 (see Norwood Scale) can usually

get great results with a density scalp micropigmentation treatment.

As long as there is a sufficient length of hair

on the “crown” of the head or the “hairline”.



Scar Camouflage is one of the big advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation.

The scars that we very often treat could have originated

from transplant treatments (FUT or FUE),burns or other trauma.

The process of treating / camouflaging a scar is

a delicate process and needs to be assessed individually.

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