Scalp Micropigmentation is the implantation of specifically developed pigment into the scalp. Microscopic dots are implanted to simulate hair follicles and give the illusion of greater hair density. Not all clients will be able to benefit from densification treatment, but those with hair loss between Level 1 and Level 3, with sufficient length of hair on the “crown” of the head or the “hairline” can usually achieve great results with a density scalp micropigmentation treatment. (See Norwood Scale).

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scalp micropigmentation

after hair TRANSPLANT

The pre- and post-treatment care steps will be the same as the ones followed in the shaved effect treatments. Adding densification using Scalp Micropigmentation works great in combination with micro-grafting treatments or hair transplants as it will greatly help to improve the results. Many of the clients that walk through our door with thinning hair use some sort of topical camouflage. For them, densification with scalp micropigmentation is a great, easy and comfortable alternative.

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scalp micropigmentation

adding more density

Densification usually requires more sessions than a shaved effect treatment. This depends on the individual, but in general, to obtain the achieved level of density, four sessions will be required. Sessions one and two will take place on consecutive days, session three will take place approximately thirty days later. A fourth session, if required, will take place thirty days after the third session.

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