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Do not blindly follow the masses. Demand only the best of yourself and your equipment. Get ahead where others struggle. Your customers demand micropigmentation of the highest quality. You can offer this quality without compromise – utilizing the best PMU equipment and tools. An investment in the future that will ensure your success for years to come.

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iCube + SLS

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Mixer Wireless

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Intuitive handling with a variety of features:

Select the skin type, treatment area and treatment technique. The Golden i touch proposes the suitable applicator and sets all parameters automatically. Of course, manual settings instead of presets are possible for our savvy users. Quick select enables a swift selection of all micropigmentation techniques.

Equipped exclusively with a power regulator. Automatic and visual adjustment of speed and force. By constantly measuring resistance, the device adjusts itself while working. As a result, a yet unequalled uniform pigmentation result is guaranteed even with scarred tissue or significantly varying skin structures.

“With our i-touch we feel like the former Bugatti boss Dr. Schreiber who once responded to the question, of whether there is competition for the Bugatti Veyron, with” there is none, since there’s nothing comparable! “. It is the same with the i-touch, it’s unique!”

René La Fontaine – Managing Director of Goldeneye Systems GmbH

+ 10” High Resolution Touch Display + highest performance – no compromises + SLS dermograph included + compatible with the Multitalent / Crystal Tech System dermograph + suitable for all Goldeneye dermograph applicators or modules • presets or freely selectable speeds • paramedical special functions such as Mamilla, scar correction, colour matching (even Vitiligo) , TriCo Pigmentation and PHD (Permanent Hair Densification) • needling and anti-aging special features • training mode for previously learned Goldeneye creative techniques

i Cube

You don’t need much space for a whole space of ideas

From now on you only need one small, compact and powerful device in your clinic. Completely new to the market, with the i Cube you control all handpieces of the bdr Medical Beauty concept including Dermabrasion, Micro needling and Micro stimulation, as well as the Goldeneye Micropigmentation handpiece (incl. Microblading). The entire Goldeneye World of Beauty with over 130 techniques in the field of micropigmentation and over 60 from the bdr treatment portfolio at your disposal.

Modern, small and intuitive, the i Cube navigates you through all the settings via the free app on your Android tablet. Beauty has never been so modern, never has instrument-based cosmetics been so effective – limitless possibilities in a single device. All software updates are permanently free. Stay flexible – with the latest techniques in the field of permanent make-up and medical beauty.

“If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect micropigmentation or anti-wrinkle treatments, this is it: the i Cube”

Holger Hoffmann – CEO Goldeneye Systems GmbH

• Your i Cube is easily operated via the free app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet! • GeOS blue • GeOS silver • Free updates

Dermograph SLS

Creative freedom

Pigmenting has never been so precise, easy, fast and safe! The dermograph SLS sets new standards! The Swiss high-performance precision motor guarantees accuracy and power. The double-layered Reflux Protection System offers safety and assures hygiene standards. Highest safety and quality for the customer and Pigmentists®!

• Swiss high-performance precision motor • simple and fast setup through magnetic connectors • Hygienic Protection System • double-stage Reflux Protection System -> colour reflux protection

Wireless Micromix

Optimize pre-drawing and texture

Your sense of responsibility and your demand for accuracy are the standard for the functionality of the device used in the drawing. This device is used to prepare the colour mix. The ultrafine-textured, original micropigmentation pigments can thus be applied as subtle pre-drawing colour. Your guarantee for the exclusive use of the pigments expressly authorised for this purpose.

• Wireless • for sterile (treatment) and non-sterile (drawing) Mix & Draw sticks

Wireless Pigment Detector

Verify accuracy

The special detector light illuminates the skin and makes the density of the pigment implantation visible. Gaps can be detected and improved upon immediately, rework is avoided. It is therefore an important tool for your time management and efficiency – desired uniform results are achieved faster.

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