A guaranteed one to one training day with DEBBIE CLIFFORD

Here at DC Micro we are delighted to offer expert skill days to micropigmentation technicians from all over the world, with over 12 years-experience in the industry you’re guaranteed to be learning from a highly knowledgeable team. In the ever evolving world of micropigmentation it is so important to keep up to the latest techniques and treatments to ensure you’re delivering the best services to your clients and creating the perfect healed results.

Training with us ensures you have a full day of intense hands on training, learning new techniques, creating new knowledge and gaining insider knowledge of a few of the industries secrets and tips along the way!

student performing permanent eyebrows

our vip masterclass

what the day entails

  • Welcome cup of tea upon arrival
  • A small discussion to understand your needs and expectations of the day
  • Theory and latex practice of the new techniques
  • Lunch is provided
  • A live model in the afternoon
  • Or more latex work depending on your wants
  • A certificate upon completion of your Masterclass

PERMANENT makeup vip masterclass


The many advantages of one to one training are that the training is completely adapted to what you want to achieve. Our trainers can adapt to your style of learning and ensure you reach your maximum potential. There is no distraction from any other people in the room, ensuring you can focus completely at the task in hand, with no pressure, comparison or competition between your work and others. You can work at your own speed, within your own limits, with your own trainer focused on just you throughout the entire day. With high quality interaction and focus you can build a relationship between you and your trainer ensuring easier communication for further questions you may have further down the line into your career.

student performing lip blush

vip classes we offer

choose your technique

We offer a collection of different skill days for you to choose from. Get in touch with us to get a date scheduled that suits you!

hairstroke brows

£900 (inc. VAT) per day

powder and ombre brows

£900 (inc. VAT) per day

combination brows

£900 (inc. VAT) per day

classic eyeliner

£900 (inc. VAT) per day

latino eyeliner

£900 (inc. VAT) per day

shaded eyeliner

£900 (inc. VAT) per day

3d candy lips

£900 (inc. VAT) per day

colour wash lips

£900 (inc. VAT) per day

anti aging volumising lips

£900 (inc. VAT) per day

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