anti aging volumising lips

With age comes the natural decline of collagen that keeps the lips plump and the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that adds moisture within the lips. With this decline comes loss of volume leading to thin lips with little definition which becomes quite a concern for our mature clients. Being able to offer lip treatments to your clients ensures a further reach of potential revenue. Lip treatments are a great upsell to clients who have booked for eyebrows or eyeliner. Anti-aging volumising techniques create the illusion of volume and definition, drawing the eyes away from signs of aging such as wrinkles around the mouth by the use of highlighting techniques

With advanced techniques you can volumise a lip like no other micropigmentation can. By placing highlighting and shadow techniques in the correct place you can give clients back the look that should have been there all along. Give your mature clients the glow back that they deserve. Marketing any treatment as anti-aging is a sure way to gain business, how doesn’t want to look and feel younger?

course overview

anti-aging volumising lips

  • Anti-aging volumising lips presentation or demonstration
  • Equipment and tool selection
  • Understanding lip undertones
  • Pigment selection
  • Needle selection
  • Client consultation
  • Shading technique and application
  • Volumising pigment placement and application
  • Highlighting techniques
  • Latex practice
  • A step by step routine to follow
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anti-aging volumising lips

What will i need?

  • A qualification in micropigmentation 
  • A passion to learn 
  • Your machine (we can provide if you don’t have one) 
  • We will provide learning materials: pigments, needles and latex 
  • Lunch will be provided 

All skill days are held at our DC Micro Academy in Bingley

Upon completion of the oneday course you will receive a DC Micro certificate of attendance!


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