Brow colour correction

One of the most basic fundamentals; although sometimes the hardest to master, for micropigmentation technicians is understanding colour theory. Many courses do not teach in depth colour theory, here at DC Micro we have recognised how misunderstood many technicians are due to lack of knowledge and teaching, this in turn leads to lack of confidence with a high amount of technicians turning clients away or giving up micropigmentation all together. Understanding colour theory ensures you have the best healed results and the confidence to approach minor and advanced colour corrections leading to even further client satisfaction. Our hands on, simplified skills day with lots of colour theory knowledge, truly implements a deeper understanding to help colour select, colour correct and more importantly build your knowledge and confidence.

Every top up treatment we do will involve some sort of minor colour correction even with the correct colour selection at the first appointment. This is due to the stability and breakdown rates of each colour within the pigment. Sometimes advanced colour corrections are needed usually due to incorrect pigment choice, correction work of other technicians, poor pigment quality or medical conditions the client may have. Many technicians will turn away colour correction clients, losing revenue due to lack of colour theory knowledge. Don’t lose money, just a quick one-day course and you’ll be creating amazing neutralised brows and beautiful smiles on all your client’s faces

course overview

brows colour correction

  • Colour theory presentation
  • Hands on visual presentation of the neutralising colour process
  • Understanding pigment manufacturing process
  • Understanding of organic and inorganic pigments
  • Understanding of hydrophilic and hydrophobic pigments
  • Understanding of colour stability
  • Understanding of colour break down
  • Understanding skin tone
  • Pigment selection
  • Correct implantation depth
  • Latex and model practice
  • A step by step procedure to follow
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colour correction BROWS

What will i need?

  • A qualification in micropigmentation
  •  A passion to learn 
  • Your machine (we can provide if you don’t have one) 
  • We will provide learning materials: pigments, needles and latex 
  • Lunch will be provided 

All skill days are held at our DC Micro Academy in Bingley

Upon completion of the oneday course you will receive a DC Micro certificate of attendance!


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