colour wash lips

Micropigmentation for lips has become so advanced over the years, leading to create the look of ‘barely there’ lips. Colourwash lips are created by superficially layering pigment in the lips, leading to a sheer, translucent and natural hint of colour. The aim of the treatment is to add natural colour to the lips for an everyday natural look without the need for lip gloss or lipstick. Lips sometimes are the last treatment clients have done, many clients aren’t aware that with advanced techniques we design lips that a woman of any age can carry. Why don’t clients know? Because most can’t tell what has been done, they just know a woman’s lips look beautiful but don’t know the secret behind colourwash lips- teach them! They will soon be hooked!

The aim of this treatment is to create borderless lips with just a subtle hint of colour. The treatment is suitable for any age client due to its super natural results and can be carried by women who are makeup wearers or non-makeup wearers alike. We will teach you how to create a dusting of colour using superficial powdering and pixelating techniques. Not many technicians offer micropigmentation for lips, step into a niche market and after one day with us you’ll be ready to step out into the beautiful world of lips.

course overview


  • Colourwash lips presentation or demonstration
  • Equipment and tool selection
  • Understanding lip undertones
  • Pigment selection
  • Needle selection
  • Client consultation
  • Shading technique and application
  • Layering and pixilation application
  • Borderless application
  • Latex and model practice
  • A step by step routine to follow
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colour wash lips

What will i need?

  • A qualification in micropigmentation 
  • A passion to learn 
  • Your machine (we can provide if you don’t have one) 
  • We will provide learning materials: pigments, needles and latex 
  • Lunch will be provided 

All skill days are held at our DC Micro Academy in Bingley

Upon completion of the oneday course you will receive a DC Micro certificate of attendance!


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