the latino eyeliner

The Latino liner- Perfect for the woman who want those perfect wings all day long! A more structured and defined eyeliner, suitable for clients with desire for a more ‘made up’ makeup look. A bold and beautiful elongated flick to accentuate and create a lifting finish to the eye. Latino eyeliners are bespoke eyeliners and each one will be created and adjusted to each individual client. This eyeliner is only suitable for clients with an open eye area therefore is only a niche specific treatment, however it’s the one with the most dramatic results

Imagine the amount of time your client’s would save by not having to draw their eyeliner on every day, relentless efforts for a non-wobbly eyeliner every morning. Give them that extra time back in bed, with stress free, super crisp, designer eyeliner every day. Many women express the effect that eyeliner gives to their eyes yet always describe how difficult and time consuming it is. Eyeliner is perfect for clients to provide them with smudge free results! We will teach you all the techniques to create and apply the perfect Latino eyeliner, the perfect wing and perfect finish for you to offer your clients this specialised hugely desired treatment

course overview

The latino eyeliner

  • Latino eyeliner presentation/ or demonstration
  • Equipment and tool selection
  • Needle selection
  • Pigment selection
  • Client consultation
  • Eye study
  • Eyeliner adaptions
  • Outlining technique and application
  • Filling in technique and application
  • Crisp Latino wings
  • Carbon black understanding
  • Migration and danger areas
  • Latex and model practice
  • A step by step procedure to follow
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latino eyeliner

What will i need?

  • A qualification in micropigmentation 
  • A passion to learn 
  • Your machine (we can provide if you don’t have one) 
  • We will provide learning materials: pigments, needles and latex 
  • Lunch will be provided 

All skill days are held at our DC Micro Academy in Bingley

Upon completion of the oneday course you will receive a DC Micro certificate of attendance!


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