The shaded eyeliner

The classic or Latino eyeliner with just that added extra for that something a little bit more! Master the latest techniques in the industry and offer your client something they’ve never seen before. Eyeliner shading is a specialised advanced technique used to enhance eyeliners or create a softer result, rather than the crisp structured lines of a Latino eyeliner. It creates a unique result, with different variations of technique and colour to really make the eyes have that little extra sparkle

Shaded eyeliners are sweeping the industry lately, mainly for their versatility and adaptions to specifically meet the client’s needs and expectations. Shaded eyeliners can be performed using classic black or you can shade with a second colour to add a hint of a pearlescent effect for a softer healed result. Also another niche and advanced treatment on the market, these techniques will definitely make you stand out against the rest!

course overview

The shaded eyeliner

  • Shaded eyeliner presentation/ or demonstration
  • Equipment and tool selection
  • Needle selection
  • Pigment selection
  • Client consultation
  • Eye study
  • Eyeliner adaptions
  • Outlining technique and application
  • Filling in technique and application
  • Shading technique and application
  • Pixilation technique and application
  • Carbon black understanding
  • Migration and danger areas
  • Latex and model practice
  • A step by step procedure to follow
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shaded eyeliner

What will i need?

  • A qualification in micropigmentation 
  • A passion to learn 
  • Your machine (we can provide if you don’t have one) 
  • We will provide learning materials: pigments, needles and latex 
  • Lunch will be provided 

All skill days are held at our DC Micro Academy in Bingley

Upon completion of the oneday course you will receive a DC Micro certificate of attendance!

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