What are different types of semi-permanent brows?

There is a great variety of brow techniques, in this post we will explain the 3 most popular techniques to creat natural looking eyebrows.

Hair stroke Brows– These brows are created to mimic the look of hair simulation. Hair stroke brows create the most natural healed result and are perfect for clients who want a subtle change to their brows. A hair stroke technique is used and applied throughout the brow with a specially chosen pigment to colour match the brow hair that is already present. Hair stroke brows are only suitable for dry or normal skin types

Powder Brows– These brows are created for people who want more ‘wow to their brow’. With the latest techniques used, powder brows will heal more defined than standalone hair stroke brows, without resulting in the dated harsh block brows. Pigment is superficially layered into the skin using techniques throughout the whole brow that will lead to a more defined finish. Powder brows are perfect for those clients who choose to wear brow pencil/powder on a day to day basis. They are also a perfect more permanent replacement for brow tinting applications. Powder brows are suitable for all skin types; however, it is the perfect technique to be used for oily skin types

Combination Brows– These brows are created with the use of two brow techniques. The combination of techniques used are hair stroke and powder technique. Hair strokes are placed throughout the brow, with a light powder shading technique used in between each hair stroke. The results combination brows achieve are results that are neither too soft nor too defined, a perfect happy medium of slightly more defined hair stroke brow. Combination brows are perfect for clients who require a soft natural brow with more defined results. Perfect brows for all skin types.

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