What are the different eyeliner treatments?

With semi permanent makeup we can create many different styles of eyeliner, below we explain the most popular techniques.

Lash Enhancement- Lash enhancement eyeliner is used to create subtle definition to the eyes without the need for wearing any mascara. Pigment is applied in between the rows of eyelashes which creates the look of thicker and fuller eyelashes. It is a treatment designed to offer the client a subtle result, like the results that mascara would give to the eyes. Lash enhancement eyeliner is perfect for any client, suitable for any age, eyes shape, hair colour and skin colour. It’s a popular for both makeup wearers and no makeup wearers a like as the results are subtle but enough to notice a change.

Baby Eyeliner- Baby eyeliner is slightly bigger and more defined than a lash enhancement. Pigment is still applied to the rows of eyelashes but is also placed above the lash line. It has a small structure to the eyeliner without the results feeling too ‘made up’. Again, this treatment is perfect for non-makeup and makeup wearers who prefer a little more structure and definition to the eyes. We can always add small flicks to the tails of the eyeliner to add a little something extra.

Latino Eyeliner- Latino eyeliners are strong structured eyeliners that create a made-up result. Perfect for clients who prefer to wear bigger eyeliners and take away the need of applying eyeliner every day. Because Latino eyeliners are heavily structured, they add a stronger definition to the eyes. Suitable for clients that have a large open eyelid space that can wear a thicker eyeliner without creating the illusion of closing off the eyes or making them appear smaller. Latino eyeliners are a replacement for the need to wear any eyeliner at all.

Shaded Eyeliner– Shading can be added to baby eyeliners and Latino eyeliners. A shading technique is used to superficially layer pigment to create a shaded/ smoky finish to the eyeliner. Shading creates a less structured finish to the eyeliner, softening the eyeliner edges to create an overall softer look. Perfect for adding subtle definition or a heavier layered shading can be used to create a fuller and heavier finish