what are the different types of semi-permanent lipstick?

We can use many different techniques to create sensual and fuller looking lips, in this post we will focus on the most popular semi permanent lip styles.

Lip Blush– A lip blush treatment heals to the most natural and subtle results. Instead of the dated harsh lip liners new techniques ensure we can give a nice soft finish to the lips whilst adding definition and colour. Perfect for clients who have lost colour on their outer lips leading to less definition and the illusion of less volume. A colour will be selected between you and your practitioner that will heal with the most natural finish, adding a slight enhancement to the natural colour of your lips

Lip wash- This lip treatment is perfect for a ‘gloss and go effect’, as simple as it sounds, just add gloss and you’re ready to go. The overall aim of this treatment is to add colour to your lips using light shading techniques, superficially layering the pigment to create sultry wash of colour, perfect for a day to day look

Full lip colour- This treatment is designed to create a more made up look to the lips. Perfect for clients who like to wear lipstick every day or want a more vibrant result. Full lip colour adds definition to the lips as well as adding colour. This treatment provides a ‘lip stain’ effect as well as providing stronger results than that of a lip blush or lip wash. Healed results are generally opaque in colour therefore the closest treatment to mimic the look of wearing lipstick

3D Glossy lips– This treatment is designed to create the illusion of volume within the lips. Advanced techniques are used along with highlighting colours within the lip where light would naturally fall, creating a volumizing effect for fuller looking lips. Perfect for clients with already voluptuous lips, or for clients looking to create the illusion of volume. Colour is selected between the client and practitioner, with the aim to create more definition towards the outer edges of lips leading to a lighter transition of colour moving towards the centre.