What is semi-permanent makeup? And what are the advantages?

Micropigmentation is known in the beauty industry as Semi Permanent Makeup or cosmetic tattooing. The procedure entails implanting medical grade pigment in the upper dermal layers of the skin using a micro needle. It is a safe and effective way to enhance and symmetrise features for natural looking everyday results

Is this treatment suitable for me?
Micropigmentation is a great alternative to your everyday makeup routine by applying long lasting makeup that doesn’t need to be reapplied throughout the day. It is a suitable treatment to redefine sparse or none existent brows, add definition to eyes to create fuller looking lashes, structured eyeliner for a ‘made up’ every day look, redefining lip lines or adding a hint of colour to create a fuller lip

Treatments are suitable for everyone, however it is imperative a full consultation is carried out prior to treatment to ensure there is no medical complication or medication that may contraindicate treatment or interrupt the treatment healing process

What are the benefits?


  • Cost effective- replacing the need for cosmetics, tinting, brow shaping and HD brows
  • Creates harmony and symmetry- perfectly placed brows divert the eyes away from badly placed, shaped or coloured brows, allowing people to focus in your eyes during conversation
  • Lifting effect- placing brows in the right place instantly lifts the face, opens the eyes and creates a more youthful look, almost a mini facelift!
  • Create a new look- tinting, threading and waxing is only suitable for fuller brows working with what you naturally have. Micropigmentation adds definition to existing brow shape, or a new shape can be created to sparse or non-existent brows
  • Create eyebrows- sparse hair or no hair? This treatment will give you back your brows AND your confidence
  • Full eyebrows- create more defined brows by adding a hue of colour behind the brow for a more defined shape
  • Smudge proof- no risk of smudging- perfect for holidays, swimming and the gym


  • Cost effective- replace the need for eyeliner cosmetics
  • Definition- from a subtle lash enhancement to create the look of fuller looking lashes, to Latino eyeliner for a fuller defined eye
  • Colour- eyeliner makes your eye colour ‘pop’
  • Smudge proof- watery eyes? this eyeliner will stay in place all day long
  • Symmetry- never have to worry again about matching your wings ever again!


  • Definition- losing your lip definition? This treatment can recreate your lip line for you for a more defined lip
  • Volume- treatment creates a fuller look by redefining the lip line or adding highlighting in the lip centre
  • Lip Colour- from a full lip colour to replace the need for lipstick or a lip stain effect to add a hint of colour
  • Gloss and go- add a clear lip gloss to make your lip colour pop 
  • Focus- ageing lines around your mouth? Lip colour and definition will draw your eye away from the lines around your mouth

Every woman who has semi-permanent makeup treatments, all express how much more confident they feel having perfect make up, all day every day. Natural results ensuring you can step out of your house with no makeup and still look and feel great!